The 11th Hour (The Richard "Dick" Starnes Story)

Financial Freedom - A True Testimony Of The Journey From Spiritual Poverty To Riches Beyond

Not Just An Affair

Easier Isn't Always Better

I Have Never Been To Seminary, But Iíve Been To Calvary

As A Child Raised In A Christian Home...

Until The Day That He Decides To Bring Me Home

Everything Fell Apart

Love Is The Answer -- Delivered From Drugs

My Life Is Forever Changed By The Grace Of God

From Crack To Christ

He Knew It Was More Than Luck

I Want To Praise Him The Rest Of My Days!

Jesus, The Hero Of All Times

I Am With You

Trust In The Lord Jesus Christ And All Things Are Possible

Attaining Fullness oF Life God's Plan For His Children -- A Hindu Comes To Jesus Christ

When The Going Gets Tough We Leave Him, But He Still Stays!

Putting God First -- A Restored Marriage

Reborn Gal

Bread Upon The Waters

Redeemed And Cleansed - Ex Hell Hill Boys Gang Member Meets Jesus

You'll Soon See It Is Worth It

God Is Merciful

Holy Spirit uses Deborah's Music To Touch A Young Man's Life

A Very Special Assignment

Thank You Jesus! A Singaporean Malay Christian's Testimony (Former Muslim)

I Should Not Be Alive Today To Have Made The Account Of This Story

He Is Faithful And His Word Never Returns Void

Can You Imagine?

I Was Never Alone, Jesus Was Always There Carrying Me Through

I Will Trust The Lord Forever-- A Young Jewish Girl Saved And Healed Of Bulimia-anorexia

Put On Your Seatbeat, Now!

Divine Protection

He's Truly A Loving God And A Lover Of My Soul

God Proved To Me That The The Gospel Is True!

That I may live a life that glorifies my Savior

The Grace That Saved Me Has Been Sufficient To Keep Me

Always The Oddball

Diagnosed With Stage Iv Non-hodgkins Lymphoma

My Husband Left Me, But Jesus Never Will

Would You Believe?

The Joy of My Salvation

I Love The Lord, For He Heard My Voice

Blessed Are Those Who Are Persecuted Because Of Righteousness, For There Is The Kingdom Of Heaven

The Righteous Cry, And The Lord Heareth,and Delivereth Them Out Of All Their Troubles

I Know He Loves Me - Delivered From Life Of Drugs And Crime