What A Price To Pay, Drugs Ruin Basketball Dreams

I Must Tell The World What God Is Able To Do! -- Delivered From Gang, Drugs, Etc.

I Was In Control And That Was It -- Delivered From Alcohol.

Man Delivered From Life Of Drugs And Crime.

Saved And Set Free - Delivered From Marijuana And Cocaine

The Importance Of Prayer - Wife Prays And Jesus Delivers Husband From Crack Cocaine

Arise and Shine - Raised From The Dead & Delivered From Heroin

New Wine For A Former Alcholic - Delivered From Alchol

Freed From Past Of Alcohol And Abuse

Instatly Set Free From Drugs

God Saves Couple - Restores Marriage Delivers From Drugs And Alcohol

Lady Experencies Hard Times Before Comming To The Light.

Addict Delivered From Crank - Set Free And Back With Family

Church Goer Delivered From Drugs And Alcohol

Drug Addict Of 15 Years Delivered

Delivered From The Hurt Of Abuse And The Scars Of Sin

Couple Delivered From Drugs And Alcohol, Marriage Restored

Adam Lambert's Personal Testimony (delivered From Drugs, Alcohol, Porn, Etc)

Meth/Crack Addict Delivered And Set Free By Jesus

I Am No Longer Who I Was, Delivered From Life Of Drugs

Delivered From Sexual Addiction - The Key Is The Cross!

Woman Healed Of Dissociative Identity Disorder

Jesus Delivers Young Lady From Suicidal Thoughts

Jesus Sets A Vietnam Vet Free From Deep Depression

Root Of Unbelief Removed

Jesus Heals Man Of Pervasive Developmental Disorder & Schizophrenia

Getting The Bugs Out - Child Used In Rituals Set Free By Jesus

Teenager Delivered From A Spirit Of Suicide