"In 1992 the Lord asked me to quit my job. I didn't want leave, because I loved it. However, upon leaving the Lord began to give me songs. I did not know how to write songs, so it was amazing to me when the Lord began to give them to me. .... One day I was just playing around on the keyboard and a song started to come. I ran and got my tape recorder to record it. As I played it back I heard a harmony singing throughout the tape. one was there. Since that time, I have heard 'angels' singing with me many times. In fact, one time in the church three-fourths of the congregation heard them singing, and some even saw them as we worshiped. They were loud! Playing instruments and everything. In the past five years the Lord has given me over 200 songs that he has used to touch and heal many people. That is exciting, but more than anything, what is in my heart is to see people bow down and worship the Lord in a deeper way. The Lord opened the door to the holy of holies to me and I discovered a new love for Him. There is a oneness, an intimacy that many believers never find. Jesus is always calling and we are too busy to come closer. This is what is in my heart, to bring people deeper in the Spirit. To commune with the Holy Spirit in oneness and to anoint Jesus with our praise. Just like Mary anointed His feet, we should anoint Him with our worship and praise."