Warrior battles his way through Hell

Shortly after I came to know the Lord, I met a woman through a friend. She was this friends sister. She had asked he and I to ride with her to move her things back to the town I was living in, which happened to be about 200 miles away from where I had been living. I told her I would, so we left the next morning.

I took my bible along, so I could read it on the way. The first few hours of the trip, passed by without incident, but about 3 hours down the road, we began to talk. She told me that she was a witch, that she had been married to a man, in the past, that was a leader in the Church of Satan. I was a little set back, I had no idea what I was getting into, but I was a newfound believer and felt it my DUTY to tell her about Jesus. So, I began to drop little seeds. I told her that I was a believer in Jesus. She began to ask little questions like.. How do you know th at Jesus exists? And how can you worship and believe in something you cannot see? All I could really tell her, is that I believe he exists, because of what he has done for me in my life, how he had changed me from what I formerly was, into a new man.

She had stopped about half way to our destination, to pick up some friends of hers, a young couple. Shortly after we picked them up, they began doing drugs in the backseat of the car. Well, to someone that had come out of a drug/alcohol life, I was slightly set back. I began to pray that Jesus would keep me safe from the evil things that were all around me.

I prayed all the way to the place we were going to, and kept sharing the Lord in little ways. When we reached our destination, the young couple that had rode with us, got into a HUGE fight. He began beating her, and bashed her head into the door of the car. This guy was so strung out on drugs, that I was fearful to get in the middle of it. I had NO IDEA what he was capable of doing.

The police came and arrested him, and she ended up in the hospital. Well, we went over and started packing things, after taking the married woman to the local hospital. We got things packed up, and tried to start the car. It was dead, and would not start. So here we were. People with little money, stranded 200 miles from home, with no place to go. So we oped to stay the night in the waiting room of the hospital, then try to fix the car in the morning.

When morning came, we went out to look at the car. Luckily, it was a minor repair. So we got the car back on the road, and went to the hospital to pick up this witches friend. She did'nt want to leave her husband there, and since he was in Jail, awaiting trial for assult, the witch decided to leave her friends there, and head for home.

So. We left them, and began to head home. We got about 50 miles down the road, without incedent. Then right outside a large city, the car broke down again. It was dark, and a state police car came down the road about 20 minutes later. He stopped and tried to give it a jump start, it did'nt start. We came to find out, that it was a major repair. So the officer took us to the local Salvation Army to spend the night, and gave us $70.00 out of a fund they had at the station for stranded people.

So the next morning, we got up and managed to get the car fixed. After it was repaired, we began down the road again. About 75 miles from home, we ran out of gas, with about 5 dollars left. We had managed to make it to a truck stop off the highway. So we got a drink, and she made a call to her father to see if she could get some money to get home. He refused to help. She began to cry, out of sheer desperation. Shortly after that, we were sitting inside the truckstop, trying to figure out how to get home. A man walked up to her, told her the Lord told him to give her $150.00, handed it to her, and walked away. She was really confused. She had never had anyone give her anything. We found out before we left the truckstop, from a waitress, that this man was a minister who was due 50 miles away that evening to preach. His RV had broken down, and he had no money to fix it, but he had given us money he did not even have himself!

So we got back on the road, but by now, she was really searching for answers to what had happened to her back at the truckstop. I began to share Jesus more and more. Telling her how much he loved her, and wanted to be a part of her life. Suddenly it got REALLY hot in the car. My face was just on fire. I asked her to turn the heater off, she told me that the heater was'nt even on! That it was Satan's anger that I was feeling. He did'nt like me sharing Jesus. I bound him, and continued sharing with her, stand ing fast, with what little faith I had as a new believer. By the time we reached home, my face was sunburned on the right side from the heat that came out of her heat vents in her car.

We reached home, she dropped me off, and went to her house. She told me that she would return in a few hours to pick me up, so that we could unload her stuff. So I grabbed a shower, and began to tell my stepmother what had happened. She told me to continue to share the Lord with this woman, and she would pray for me to have strength to endure this test.

Well, a few days passed, and I continued to share Jesus with her, amidst HUGE attack from the enemy. One night I was laying on the couch at home, about 1 am. I was having terrible nightmares with demons attacking me. I woke up in a cold sweat, sat straight up on the couch that faced a picture window in the living room. There she was, standing right outside the house in front of the window, but she was not alone, she had brought a legion of demons with her. The amazing part, is that I could actually SEE them . The Lord had blessed me with discernment. My first instict was to run and hide, but the Lord softly and gently turned me around and said.. "No, I want you to go out and talk with her".

So I prayed for an army of Angels to protect me, as I headed for the door. This became a real turning point in this womans life. She was not yet ready to accept Jesus, and reject Satan, but she was searching for some answers to the things that were happening to her.

I spent most of that night awake, just sharing Jesus with her. Reading to her from the Gospels, and telling her who Jesus was, and what he had in store for her life. She was ready for more. So I invited her to a christian bible study that I was to attend the next night, I felt that I needed some help in this, as I was still a new believer in Jesus.

She accepted. So the next evening, She came and picked me up and we went. Shortly after we arrived, we all began to pray. The woman that led the study, pleaded the blood of Jesus on the house, and all that were in it. I watched this witches face go from normal, to red, to a sheer white color of terror as we pleaded the blood. She looked at me in a way that nobody has ever looked at me before. She wanted me dead!

As the night went on, the bible study was over, and we all stayed around to fellowship. She was outside talking with a friend of mine, asking him questions, when suddenly a dark black cadilac drove up. It had tinted windows, so you could not see who was in it. The drivers side window opened up just a crack, and a man inside began to talk with her. It was her ex husband, the man who was a leader in the church of Satan. He informed her, that if I continued to share Jesus with her, he would simply kill me. So we went back in the house, and everyone there prayed for me. Covering me in the blood of Jesus for protection.

Well, to make a long story short, Her Ex husband never did come near me, and she recieved Jesus as Lord and Savior about a week later.

So you see, even the ones that follow Satan, without remorse for what they do, can find the light of Jesus.