Hello my name is Rob, I was about 21 years old and just beginning to hear the Lord. One Friday night in the late spring, I decided that I was going to go a local video game establishment and play some video games and maybe try to pick up a girl. Before I could get out the door, the Lord spoke to me and said "wouldn't you rather stay home tonight and spend some time with me".

I decided to go play the video games instead. As I got in the car the Lord spoke to me and said "I think you should wear your seat belt". I dismissed it as my imagination and continued on my way. As I came to an intersection the voice spoke to me again this time stronger "I think you should put your seat belt on". This time I decided to stop and think it. As I was parked I started to try to put my seat belt on, but instead changed my mind dismissing this as my imagination.

As I got out on the highway, I decided to turn the radio on, I had left one of the Bible tapes I had been listening to in the cassette recorder. Interestingly enough only one verse played "If we are unfaithful, he remains faithful, for HE cannot deny HIMSELF 2TIMOTHY 2:13.", just as the verse was playing I was rounding a bend in the hiway and there was a very large and bright rainbow. Again I started to come under conviction, but I again dismissed it as my imagination.

As I continued on to my destination it started to rain. As I came closer to my destination, it began to rain quite hard. I was in the driver side lane driving my little Datsun sedan when a very large van passed me on the passenger side lane. The driver was going quite fast as she passed me, suddendly she slammed on her brakes, as a station wagon in front of them had done a sudden one blink turn. The back end of the van hydro-planed and it swerved out of control. As the van spun sideways it came into my lane forming a very large wall.

I was going to attempt to down shift and power slide my car and hope to make a side to side impact instead of a head on. Unfortunately there was not even enough time to hit the brakes. My car hit the van at fullspeed (35 Mph+) and was absolutely totaled. At the time of impact I was not wearing a seat belt, I only had one hand on the steering wheel and only one foot on the floor. My other hand was reaching for the stick shift and my other foot for the clutch, so I had no means of bracing myself for the impact.

Just before the impact I felt a presence holding me in my seat. As my car hit the van, I didn't move forward in my seat. It was like I was glued to it. The car was absolutely totaled: the radiator had been shoved about half way through the engine block, the passenger side tire was moved back about one and half feet from where it should be, the windshield was cracked in 3 places all the way across, but didn't shatter, the upholstry door panels had come off and I found the rear view mirror in the back seat.

I walked away from the accident without a scratch with the exception of my hand which was sprained. This prevented me from doing anything with the hand for several weeks, including playing video games. The police officer at the scene must have asked me a dozen times if I was ok. He kept looking at what was left of my car and then me and would ask if I was alright. I guess he had a hard time believing that I could have just walked from an accident like that and just wanted to make sure that I was alright. Even though I had been rebellious God proved he was faithful even though I was not.