Hello my name is Rob, when I was 17 years old I was applying for work at a job placement agency. By phone they told me to bring a copy of my resume with me, so they could use it. After going to one of their classes they told me they would need 3 copies of my resume that day. I had only brought one copy with me, so they requested that I go to a local copy center and make two more copies.

The only problem was that I had brought just enough money for the return bus trip. I was not looking forward to walking home since it was very hot and my home was about 5 - 6 miles away. As I was debating what to do, a reassuring voice spoke to me and said "go get the copies and everything will be all right." So, I went and got the copies.

On the return trip the voice again spoke to me and told me to look at a large lamp post that was near the office complex. As I approached the lamp post I saw a pop bottle that had been placed on the base. In the state I live, pop bottles carry a 10 cent recycling deposit, which just happened to be the amount I needed for the return bus fare.

So I picked it up, and proceeded on my way to deliver the resumes. After I delivered the resumes I went to a near by super market and turned in the pop bottle for the 10 cents. I was able to make it home and everything was provided just as the voice said it would be. I now know this was the voice of God speaking to me by his Holy Spirit.

ZECHARIAH 4:10 "For who has despised the day of small things ?"