Twist and shout - Man instantly healed of sprained ankle

I have a testimony of the healing power of our Lord Jesus Christ. I am a General Contractor. One day I was working on an apartment complex, doing a siding job about 80 units. We have some 20'x20" aluminum planks that weigh about 150 lb. each. I was moving one from one spot to another by myself like an idiot. I had this plank over my head and backing up. They had not poured the asphalt between the apartment yet and the curbs were about 12 inches high. I stepped back off the curb and slipped on a piece of plastic and went down. When my foot hit the ground I heard my ankle SNAP!! My partner at that time was about 100 feet away and he heard it pop from where he was standing. The plank came down on my head and I went instantly to the ground. I grabbed my ankle and thanked our Lord for healing it, and at that moment I knew it was going to be all right. My workers came running over and helped me up I could barely walk on it. I had broken it. It had already started to swell and turn black. I told my men that I would be back on Monday climbing ladders and working with them. They all laughed at me and said SURE you are!! But I know that in my heart I had no doubt. This happened on a Friday night.

We have a Bible study at our house every Friday. That evening I was sitting on our couch with my foot elevated on a pillow. It was about three times bigger than normal, black and blue I could not move it. During our Bible study my pastor and the group prayed for my healing that I had claimed earlier. Our church believes in healing and using the gifts of our Lord Jesus Christ gave us to use. As they were laying hands on me and praying we watched Jesus instantly heal my ankle. We watched it begin to shrink and the natural color come back. The pain went totally away. As my pastor Bud prayed I had such a peace come over me.

That Sunday, two days later, was Easter. I walked into the church without crutches, or pain. During the service I went forward and gave the testimony of how Jesus healed me at our Bible study on Friday night. Then we all started singing and praising the Lord. I took my wife and started dancing (Country Swing!!) to the music of the Lord. Then everybody moved all the chairs and started joining us in dancing for the Lord.

I went back to work on Monday and kept up with my crew. This a testimony for the healing power of our Lord Jesus Christ. He lives today. I know for a fact , that he lives and works in our lives when we let him in. Just ask and he will do the rest. Just have FAITH.
Thank you for reading my testimony Mike.