My granddaughter, Carly Jo, was only 4-months old when she was caught RSV (respiratory syncytial virus) infection. She was a very sick baby, bad cough, runny nose and trouble breathing. Normally a baby with RSV at this tender age would be in the hospital. She was one sick baby but always had a smile. She recovered from RSV, but the damage to her lungs caused each cold to go into her lungs which made it hard for her to breathe and required use of a nebulizer.

Carly at 11-months-old, had been fighting another bout of respiratory problems for about two months that had also gone into an ear infection. We decided to call, Bud and Sandy, a faith believing Pastor and his wife to pray and ask God to heal Carly. The LORD heard and answered those prayers. That night was one of the few nights in over two months that Carly was able to sleep all night long. It has been a week now ... Carly has not required her nebulizer treatment even at bedtime. Her doctor examined her a week later and said Carly was just fine, not even a sign of lung or ear infection. She told my daughter that there would still be rough times ahead. My daughter told her that GOD had healed Carly. The doctor just kept working on the chart without a word.

We praise the LORD JESUS for her healing. GOD IS GOOD!