May 12th, I got a phone call from the son of an old friend who has experienced a lot of torment the last 20 years after sin removed him from a successful Southern California Pastorate. The son said he had good news and bad news. His dad came to Salem on the Greyhound bus, to visit, but when he got here he was delirious, soaking wet with sweat , had been throwing up all over himself, and couldn't walk, or talk. They took him to the cardiac intensive care in the Salem hospital, and on life support. The doctors said his heart was shot, his gall bladder was full of walnut sized gallstones, his stomach or intestine was perforated - maybe by a bad ulcer and peritonitis had set in. Also, there was cancer in one kidney and probably the stomach. Following a "knowing", not a desire or feeling, I went to the hospital and into my friend's cubicle. There was a peace, a presence I have never experienced in there! My friend was in a coma but he had good color. Thee was such peace on his face that I had never seen before. I realized somehow that God was living him ... completely, unconditionally, and that it didn't matter if he stayed here on earth or not. I laid one hand on my friend's chest and spoke the words that formed in my mouth. My words but not my words. Words speaking life back into him; words cursing and binding the diseases identified by the doctors. My friend's son and I went out for dinner and came back at about 11:30 PM, one hour after the prayer. My friend was awake from his coma and alert. He was moving his arms and legs. He was frustrated because he couldn't talk with the tube in his throat. The doctor said "now we are optimistic for his chances." 1 1/2 hours after the prayer he was taken into a critical surgery they had not dared to do before the prayer. And at 8:30 AM the same morning, a second surgery was performed. I got a report Saturday, three days after the prayer. The doctors said his heart is OK. The hole or perforation in his stomach or intestine healed itself. The peritonitis responded well to antibiotics. There is no cancer in his stomach and they were waiting biopsy results on the kidney. As of Monday night May 17th, my friend is in the cardiac care unit (for patients who do not require intensive care.) His condition has been upgraded from "Extremely Critical" to "Critical" to "Serious". Praise the Lord!