May 5th, I received a phone call from my dad's taxman, which lives here in west Salem. He asked me to come pickup some of my dad's papers the next morning before 11am. He was going in for a pre surgery exam by a head doctor who was going to do an emergency surgery to correct a dangerous aneurysm the next morning. I told him ok, but I was going to pray for him when I got there, and hung up, quickly. The next day in his office I got up close and told him that Jesus loves him; That he knew every day of his life, what he would and would not do, and had spoken life into him and formed him in his mother's belly. His hardened old agnostic heart broke and tears started running down his cheeks. I prayed a "Pentecostal Prayer" for him, and left. A few hours later he called back saying, "I really want you to know, this is a very difficult phone call for me to make. The surgeon cancelled the surgery and sent me home, saying I might not need it at all." When I called on Monday, he was gone on a one-week tax seminar!