Hello my name is Bud, over the years I have been used by Jesus to pray for people with a multitude of physical problems. During this time so many people have been healed that sometimes people ask me if I have a healing ministry, my reponse to them has been "No I have a Jesus ministry", because he is the one who does the healing.

On one such occasion, I was invited to a house to pray for several individuals whom I had never met. The person who had invited me was unable to attend, but her sister who was dying of a spinal disease was there. This particular disease is very painful because your bones just kind of turn to mush. The doctors told her there was nothing they could do, so at 35 years of age they just sent her home to die. Another lady that was living with her had a severe case of arthitis and shingles. After talking for a while I asked them if anybody wanted prayer.

Their pastor was attending the meeting and he said he had a stiff neck, so I prayed for the pastor first. After praying with me the pastor said it was still stiff, so I prayed with him a second time and he said it was even worse. At this time I thought to myself "God", "Oh God" whats going on here. The pastor then looked at his watch and said "I got to go", and hurriedly left. I found out several years latter that he didn't believe that Jesus still healed the sick, but had come only to observe.

Now the Lord spoke to the lady with the arthitis and shingles and said "This is a man of God, ask him to pray for you." So, she came up to me and I asked her, "do you want me to pray for you." She consented, and as I prayed with her the Lord revealed that the source of the arthitis and shingles was unforgivenss. She told me that she had confessed the sin with her mouth, but she could not seem to get rid of the bitterness. So, we prayed about the unforgiveness and the Holy Spirit came upon her and as she confessed this sin, the feelings of bitterness left and she was instantly healed. She was very excited and started to give glory to God and praise his name rather exuberantly.

As the lady who was dying of the spinal problem observed this, she decided she wanted in on this too, so she prayed with me also in the name of Jesus and felt the pain instantly leave her body. Both women were instantly healed and are now living normal lives.

MATTHEW 9:28-30 "And when He had come into the house, the blind men came to him. And Jesus said to them, "Do you believe that I am able to do this ?", They said to him, Yes, Lord." Then He touched their eyes, saying "According to your faith let it be done to you." And their eyes were opened..."