I wrote to this list last week with a testimony about our Summer camp.

I want to tell everyone what has been happening since. The area that the church is in is full of many people who are bound by religious ideas (as are many in N. Ireland) But since the camp every day people have been coming in for prayer. Our church has always been a church were people have come to be prayed for and many signs and wonders have followed the preaching of the gospel. Healings are common and many people get total healing - they recieve their salvation.

Since the camp the Wednesday night meeting (healing meeting) has been packed with people from round the area. Many of them have said that they heard the worship from the camp. (God works in mysterious ways - the gospel message was being carried, through the skies, to these people through song) They have come in with a real hunger for something more and praise God they are finding it!

Two quick testimonies of healing. 1. Last week a lady came in (about 30) who was dumb and deaf from birth. When she left - she had her hearing and was going to have to learn to talk (she had never spoken before until then) Praise God!

2. A young man came in in a wheel chair with spina-bifida. He walked out completely healed.