We went to an Penticostal church Sunday to hear an evangelist (I didn't ask permission of the man so I will not use his name) who spoke. I don't know their current stance but I know that at times this church has not exactly been open to what has gone on in Toronto. This fellow was preaching a series of meetings in Texas. The second night attendance was much lower than the first night because apparently many of the people went to a nearby Toronto like meeting instead. The evangelist made a rather unkind remark about Toronto.

A couple weeks later, the evangelist was speaking at another church. He asked the people to open their Bibles. He began to read his scripture passage but started laughing instead. He said that he could have stopped but he just didn't want to. After about 30 seconds he did stop. After regaining his composure he wanted to apologize to the congregation. All he got out was "I want to apo-" before he started laughing again. This time it went on for an hour! He came down from the platform and had to lean on a pew to keep from falling. As he made his way up the aisle people started falling out and speaking in tongues.

This evangelist is now very careful about criticizing other ministers of the gospel.