Monday evening, Randy shared about a "true apostle" currently ministering in Cambodia, his native country. Apparently this man had become a Christian in 1973. He was imprisoned for his faith later. During his imprisonment, all he was given was rice for food once a day. His hands and feet were in shackles, only his mouth was free. So, he would praise the Lord, night and day. One night, five months of eating only rice, he was close to death weighing only 65 pounds. He began to praise and worship. Suddenly, the jail cell was filled with angels worshipping and the Lord told him that he would be free. He asked the can this be??? The Lord said only to trust. That night a storm arose and the lights went out....and guess what???? He escaped with a Christian doctor(?) imprisoned with him !

This same Cambodian was leading a group to freedom across the Thailand border at a later point in time. The Lord told them to turn back as they approached the actual border to Thailand. This man obeyed, as did his family and most with him. But there were others that did not obey. You probably have guessed it.....those that disobeyed were ambushed and shot to death. Those that obeyed were safe and made it to freedom. The message: if God tells you to do something: OBEY! AND DON'T HESITATE!

I was really encouraged by that testimony. There are some definite things in my life that the Lord is telling me to obey Him on. Very specifically, I know what those things are. All of us do....let's take a reminder from this soldier of the Lord and OBEY NOW!