Thursday, July 11, 1996, Doncaster 4 - Wall to Wall Altar Call

Dear Family and Friends:

It was breakthrough night at Doncaster City Church, and what a surprise. To tell the truth I was mentally packed-up and on my way back home. I was not pushing hard or expecting very much, but tonight there were miracles and joy galore. There was a good crowd, about 150-200.

When I took the pulpit I began to teach on miracles and faith. When I call for people with physical problems who had faith to receive a miracle, seven people came forward. One had a pain in her chest, another has asthma and a lung condition, a third had M.S. I prayed for the asthma condition right away and she went under the power for two hours. The fourth was a young girl, also with asthma and a skin condition. A fourteen year old girl, who had back pain for two years after a gymnastics injury, stood next to ten year old boy who had been hit by a car. The boy had an edema on his arm that the doctor said would not soften or go away for a long time. He also had a punctured liver. Last was one of my favorite new Australian friends, Diane.

She and her husband have five adorable kids. One was the girl with the back problem. "Di" has polyps on her throat and a painful elbow - the result of a break that occurred when she was in a "Mom's sack race". (She won the race.) They all lifted their hands and received. All! were touched by God. The chest pain was gone immediately. The M.S. lady was shaking and bubbling over with joy. The skin condition started to disappear. The girl with the back injury dissolved in tears when she realized that the pain was 100% gone, and the edema vanished from the boy's arm, and his flesh was soft. Diane's elbow was healed, and she moved it freely for the first time in years.

As the testimonies were given, the joy of the Lord broke out all over the congregation. From there we went straight into the altar call and 21 people responded. This is the best night so far. Afterward I prayed for people and the whole place was in bedlam. The pastor was quite drunk on the new wine. Men and women of all ages rolled on the floor and laughed.