My name is Stephanie, I am 11, and I want to tell you what happened at a meeting in Paris on the 24th of September. I really liked the teaching. It was about the power and authority of the name of Jesus. It also was about what faith is: faith is simply believing in God's promises- not doing anything special to prove that you believe in God or anything like that.

Before the teaching, Ron (the speaker) said some words of knowledge that called some people with arthritis, broken disks or other spinal problems up front. All of them had one leg shorter than the other. Ron called a few people up front to pray for them, one at a time, then he told them to tell the legs to grow and the problems to go away. It was amazing! One of the ladies who came up front for prayer had one leg about 4 inches shorter than the other. When she got prayed for, instantly her leg began to grow. Each time I turned to tell Mommy how much it had grown, when I turned back to see it, it had grown about 1.5 cm more!

Another lady had scoliosis and she could not feel her feet. But when she got prayed for, the spine straightened and the feeling WHOOSHED into her feet. Later she was jumping up and down, so happy that she could feel her feet! After the teaching, he had an altar call and when we went towards the back to talk to Ron, we saw demons flying out of people! It was an absolutely wonderful night. We listened to praise tapes on the way to and from the meeting. I had a really good time there and hope to be at another meeting like that again soon. Double blessing!