My name is Hannah. I'm 18 years old. I wanted to share about a few friends of mine. They live in Cincinatti, and are twins. One of them came on the trip to Moldova, and she visited Philadelphia on her way back. Her twin sister and mother came to the Friday night meeting after her return from Moldova. Their mother was not a believer, and was diagnosed with cancer a few months ago and given five years to live. Those of us who know her have been praying for her for a lot of years.

The night they came was the night of the Marty Geotz concert. He is a Messianic Jewish singer and pianist, and his music is very spirit filled and powerful. That evening my friends' mother was very touched by the presence of God, and she accepted the Lord. But God didn't stop there. When she returned to Cincinatti, all the cancer in her body was gone!!!!!

Praise the Lord for his eternal mercy to us. After years of praying for her, in one swift move He saved her life, twice!

God bless. In His name,