Robert gave an altar call without preaching a sermon first. In fact, Jesus didn't always preach a sermon before ministering to people! Actually he just gave his testimony before giving the altar call! His testimony goes something like this....

He was on drugs, and when he was 12 years of age, he died! He saw himself floating above his body whilst the doctors were trying to revive him. Then he suddenly found himself in total darkness, with the stench of death all around him - it was Hades. He was being tormented there, and he thought to himself, he missed Jesus! At that time he didn't know anything about the Christian faith.

Anyway, after some time, he saw a light in the distance, he went towards the light, and then he was back floating above his body. Then he was back inside his body again, and he was revived. But since then for the next 12 months he had this demon following him around, he could actually see the demon, and the demon would just laugh at him without saying anything else. Needless to say, he didn't tell his non-Christian family about his experiences!! But one day, the demon confronted him, and he spoke for the first time, he said, You don't belong to Jesus, you belong to me! This really freaked him out, and he told his mother, who then promptly sent him to an asylum.

At the asylum, the psychiatrist said that this demon business is all just in his head, and they committed him to stay in this asylum. They gave him a pill and sent him to a padded cell, then he started to hallucinate, the worse he ever experienced even though he had been on drugs before. So they stopped giving him drugs, but he got really depressed and went to commit suicide.

Meanwhile, his sister was converted to the Christian faith and she called him, saying, he needs Jesus! Anyway, he was about to commit suicide, but something stopped him, and he cried out to Jesus, saying, if He is real then show Himself!! Soon after, he was let out of the asylum, and his sister took him to church for the first time - there he became a Christian, and was also baptised in the Holy Spirit, and was given the gift of Tongues. Afterwards back at home, he told his mother about becoming a Christian, and he spoke in Tongues in front of his mother - who promptly sent him back to the asylum!

At the asylum, the psychiatrist though there was something wrong with him because he was so happy!!!! Then he told the psychiatrist about how he became a Christian, then he spoke in Tongues in front of the pychiatrist - and it all got too much for the psychiatrist and so he let him go out! By the way the demon no longer followed him around!

Awesome testimony!

I can identify with parts of his testimony, because when I was a child, I saw demon spirits too - but not just one, I had many of them following me!!! Some touched me, and some laughed. I wasn't terribly scared of them, it was just a bit unsettling at times!!! I also made the mistake of telling my mother, she sent me to a psychiatrist who said that it was all just in my head!! But I KNEW it wasn't just in my head, I saw them for myself, I KNOW they were real!!! Then I became a Christian. Then occasionally a demon would jump on me during the night and would try to choke me, but I just utter the name JESUS, and the demon would immediately flee!! But interestingly, since embracing the Toronto Blessing (THE JESUS BLESSING) I had no problems with demons!