During the evangelism in Zhoukou district, a man came forth with a rod and began to hit and curse the preachers saying, "Why are you out here in the open preaching?" There was a brother preaching, a relatively new believer, who was given a special gift. He prayed to the Lord, "Lord, if you don't answer my prayer, I will not preach tomorrow and return home." The man with great hatred continued to curse him. He then said, "In the Name of the Lord, I now bind you." The attacker immediately fell down onto the ground in a kneeling position and was not able to move at all. Soon five relatives came to pick him up to remove him, but were unable to even move him. Everything they tried was to no avail. Our brother said, "If I don't pray for him, your only recourse is to get a vehicle and remove him, for he is already bound." Then the people all cried out, "Please set him free, set him free!" He then said, "In the Name of Jesus, rise up." He immediately rose up and was delivered. This miracle lead many in this village to believe in the Lord. There were so many such miracles in Zhoukou.