Now there is a crisis in our church. The crisis is that so many new converts are coming in that we don't have enough workers. In Xinyang District in the period of one month the numbers of converts grew 10 fold. Previously there were a little over 1,000 believers, and after one month there were over 10,000 believers. We have had to send some workers from Fangcheng to teach these people.

Our ministry vision: The Bible says in The Gospel was preached around the world, and China was the last major nation to receive the Christian message in the last century only. Now we have been given the burden to continue to preach the Gospel through Central Asia, into Russia, throughout the Arab and Muslim world, and eventually to Jerusalem. Many have been called to such foreign missionary outreaches and we are anxious for the day we can do this.

However in the immediate future we plan to take the Gospel to every part of the nation of China. Now have workers in 20 provinces. We have 14 major teams, one with 78 people, and sub-teams under teams. There are many smaller teams of several workers only. All together we have several tens of thousands of workers somehow related to us. But we have had the 14 major teams and this past New Year we set up two new teams that are starting to operate in Shanxi Province. We get requests to set up leadership ministry teams all the time, but don't have the finances or sufficient trained workers now.

There are about 2,700 major cities and districts in China, and by the end of three years we plan to have a Gospel team of several preachers in each and every one of these locations. However we need your support to obtain this goal. We need at least 8,000 workers, and now have 3,000-4,000 trained workers. Therefore we need to train 4,000 more workers that this goal can be met. We must conduct more training sessions.

Our goal is to enter each province and district and first contact the house churches to preach on the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, praise and worship. Everywhere we go they accept our message, for it is indeed the Word of God and present truth. We will then work with the local churches to evangelize the lost in their areas. We will reach them before the Mormons do.

The need for Bibles is desperate. Don't believe the Amity Foundation or Three-Self-Church Propaganda. Chinese don't believe them when they say they will provide Bibles for the Chinese. We have been lied to by them too much. After our Gospel Month, there have been so many conversions, that many still don't have any Bible or Testament. When we receive your Bibles, we distribute them to other provinces first, so our own people are denied the first choice of these precious books.

Please also pray for support for the travel expenses of our evangelists. It is 5 days and night to Xinjiang on the train, and tickets to any location in China are so expensive. Our people tithe, but the tithe is not enough to meet these expenses. In addition to support of evangelists, we use funds given us to help the families of those in prison, families with too many children which are persecuted by the government and those who have other special needs. We cannot officially run an orphanage, but we take in children and give them to Christians to raise that they may serve the Lord. These children must be sent to school, which costs money, otherwise they will grow up without an education or culture, and it will hinder their Christian testimony.

We also are starting works in many of the larger cities. We have a church in Zhengzhou that is growing, however the preacher we sent there was arrested two weeks ago and is still in prison. Even so, we know that many in the army and government are converting to Christ. This includes many judges, lawyers, military men, teachers, intellectuals, businessmen, students, etc.