In another district as our brethren were preaching the Gospel in the open air, it was if there was a video or slide presentation of the contents of the Gospel behind them. However there was no slide projector or video machine there, for this was a mighty miracle of the Lord. When they were preaching on the crucifixion, everyone, including the gentiles in the meeting saw the Lord on the cross with the blood flowing down. This went on for over 4 hours, and over 1,000 people saw this with their own eyes. The preacher said, "Jesus was born for us in a manger." As soon as he said this, everyone saw the manger right before them. Had we been there with our video cameras, we would have recorded it on video for you. But through this almost everyone there repented and believed in the Lord. They all said, "God is real and alive in your midst. What can we say but to thank Him and believe in Him."