Another district in Henan is called Xixia District which is close to Nanyang. A village there is named Hongqiao Village. The Gospel is preached everywhere and even the students in all the schools sing Gospel songs during class time. The teachers are amazed, for students in one class start to sing and students in the next classroom join in, until the whole school is singing our Christian songs. This singing also spread throughout the whole village. But as a result the PSB came into the village and arrested over 300 of our brethren. There are only a little over 1,000 people in the village. Some hearing that 300 were arrested and put in prison were saddened, but our hearts are greatly rejoicing. For due to this persecution, the 300 who were arrested have all committed themselves to full time ministry and now are our co-workers in this district!

Now the Gospel fire is burning in this village, and after this severe persecution, virtually everyone is now a believer. We plan to hold our yearly co-workers meeting (which is to be the first week of October) in this area.