The way we operate during "Gospel Month" is that we demand that every believer lead at least one person to the Lord. We say, "We will not put a heavy burden on you. You can do business and go about your affairs, but you must win at least one person to Christ." For example if there are 100,000 believers in one area, they will lead another 100,000 people to Christ during that time. Therefore the number of believers in any area will multiply 100% yearly. For example if there are 100,000 this year, next year it will be 200,000 and then 400,000 the year after that and 800,000 the forth year. Of course many lead more than one to Christ.

In Weishi District of Henan Province, and old woman of over 80-years-old daily went out to preach. After several days, over 80 people made a verbal commitment to believe in Christ. However a few young people turned against her and influenced the other "converts." They mocked her, "she is just an old woman and doesn't know what she is talking about. We said we believe, but really we do not believe. She has deceived you all." Hearing this, the old sister began to cry and went into her house where she knelt down and prayed with fasting for seven days, praying all day long. Seeing the great love she had for their souls, after the seven days one by one they came to her and repented and all 80 were truly saved and became part of the church. Seeing the great power from fasting, the whole church in Weishi District now requests that all the believers fast in preparation for their evangelistic activities. Therefore the numbers there are growing extremely rapidly.