Though there are many difficulties in open street evangelism here, during the Chinese New Year festivals it is easier to go out into the open to preach the Gospel. A whole group of sisters were thus preaching when PSB officials suddenly appeared. One of them stretched out his hand toward the sisters and shouted, "Arrest them." However immediately his arm turned stiff in its stretched out position and he was not able to put it down or retract it. This was just like Jeroboam in the Bible, where it says, "And his hand, which he put forth against him, dried up, so that he could not pull it in again to him." He went back to the PSB station in that condition and in desperation asked, "What can I do?" Someone said, "You must find a Christian to pray for you." Therefore they invited our preachers to the PSB station to pray for him, and when they did he was healed. They then preached to the police and many of them accepted the Lord.