Three sisters went to Xinyue District in Henan to evangelize, and after 7 days of ministry 1,100 people repented and were saved. It was as if there was fire in their hands, for whoever they laid their hands on, they immediately experienced a "burning" sensation all throughout their body and mighty power was released through their hands. In previous years when missionaries worked here, they didn't see such numbers converted even after several dozen years. We sense now that this is the time for the Holy Spirit to mightily work through us.

This is as the Lord said to Peter, "Launch out into the deep and let down your net." Peter said, "At your word I will let down the net." When he did so he enclosed a great multitude of fishes. As these three sisters were evangelizing, a Gentile came forth and began to curse them without ceasing. However, they paid no attention to him. After a long time, other Gentiles came to the sisters and said, "Why is it though he has been continually cursing you, you have ignored him, in fact you have shown compassion towards this man?" As soon as they said that one sentence, this man suddenly collapsed onto the ground and died. It caused great awe and reverence toward the Lord in the crowd of people who witnessed this judgment of God. Thus many repented and accepted Jesus.