MIGHTY REVIVAL IN HENAN, CHINA Bro. Zhang, a leader of the house church movement in Henan shared the following Sept. 29, 1994.

During these few years we have seen God move in a mighty way in China. Every place we go we hear good news. The churches everywhere are experiencing great revival and people are being saved daily. In many places there are churches in every village and believers in every family. It excites us to hear these reports. As you know these several years the Lord has moved on tens of thousands of His children, people with an excellent spirit who are willing to pay any price to serve Him, which is also a reason for this great revival.

We know that now is the time for God to move in China. The things we are seeing now are beyond anything we ever saw or even thought possible. For an example, during the "Gospel Month" this year, from the beginning to the end we experienced God's presence. In the period of a little over 50 days, there were 120,000 confirmed conversions to Christ in Henan alone. This is God's own work, for God worked with us confirming the Word with signs and wonders. Without these miracles, man alone would not be able to accomplish anything.