During a three day meeting at the Evangel Life Christian Center a team and I prayed with a 22-year-old male nurse. The cancer was diagnosed in January of this year. He had been treated with chemo, hair loss, and extreme weight loss was evident. Still there was cancer present in the tests following chemo treatments. The prognosis was very bad. We prayed for him at most sessions for the three days. I came home for a week of meetings in St. Louis then returned on this past Sunday night to the Evangel church. (It is the largest Assemblies of God church in Kentucky.) Tony, the 22-year-old was being baptized. He had been back to the doctors after prayer and they could not find any cancer. He is now going into the ministry. He came from a Roman Catholic BGCOLOR.

Another girl who was two yrs old had been born with birth defect. This made it impossible for her to lift her foot off the ground. She had never ran or jumped off the ground in her life. Her mother felt led to take her braces off which she did; the girl was healed partially. For the first time in her life she could lift her foot off the floor. She is now running, jumping, and dancing in church.