Back in May, just after John had been at Mott Auditorium, we had a Sunday night healing service. One of the people there was a 4 year old girl that had AIDS and was deaf. The Lord placed a burden on a number of kids from our youth group to pray for her, which they did for 2 1/2 hours. Last night we heard the rest of the story.

This girl was born to a drug using mother and had AIDS, bone cancer and had been deaf since birth. At that time, in May, her T-cell count was 175. (Under 500 is considered critical) Her parents brought her down from Lake Arrowhead to come to the healing service.

The next couple of days, she seemed to be doing so much better that her mom took her off of her medication. (Not generally recommended) When she took her to the doctor the following week, he told her that her blood tests were much improved and that she should continue the medication, since it seemed to be working well. She couldn't bring herself to tell him the truth at the time.

Since that time, her T-cell count has climbed to 1,300, which is better than normal, and she has been declared cancer free. She's still deaf, but that just gives us more to pray for.

God is soooooo awesome! I praise God for kids that have been so touched by His Spirit and are sensitive to His leading. More, Lord!