I want to tell about what happened in our church (Oslo Vineyard) last Sunday - August 13 1995.

Mette is a young woman who had a brain damage when she was three years old. Since then she has had a lot of physical problems, included that her right arm could not be raised. After a car accident three years ago, she also has been having a lot of pain in her head. I have been praying for her a couple of times in the last months, so I knew how desperate her problems were, and how much pain she had.

This Sunday our pastor decided we should not have any ministry time. He wanted to get through the message that we should not seek the gifts, but the giver, not manifestations, but seek God himself. So instead of praying for people, we just had a time of worship.

During worship Mette came over to me and said: "There is something completely crazy that has happened." I asked her what was wrong, and she raised her right arm over her head.

"You know that this is not possible", she said. "You know that I am not joking. I dont believe I can be healed. How is this possible?"

She was almost in shock, but although she could not believe it, her arm was healed - and it still is.

She told me that during the worship, she was thinking of how beautiful it would be if she could raise her arms in worship. Suddenly she saw a vision of Jesus lifting both her arms. She rejoiced in this vision for a while, and then she realised that her arm really was above her head. She went over to a friend and asked: "Tell me, is my arm really raised?" And then she came to me, and I took her to the pastor.

Yesterday (a week later) she told this to the whole congregation. In the meantime she had been to her physical therapist. She did not mention anything about what had happened. The therapist examined her arm, and asked what had happened, because the muscles and tissues were changed. When hearing about what happened on Sunday, the therapist only said: "There are many things we cant explain." And she ordered a new program to exercise the muscles of the arm that had not been used.

Mettes parents are not believers, so she was nervous about what they would say.But when she called home, her mother told her she had been asked by a friend to a small church just the previous week. And in that service her mother's back had been healed (as far as I understand without anyone praying for her, either). So her parents became believers, and they had no problems in believing what the daughter said.