In Cambodia, we were hosted by Sophal, the pastor of a church sponsored by Global Network. The Lord is doing great things through his ministry there. The government has given them freedom to do whatever they want. They are feeding the poor, planting churches all over the country, and helping train people with marketable skills. It's a very poor country with little industry. They've seen lots of miracles too, blind eyes opened, deaf healed, demons cast out, and the dead raised.

They said that on Sunday morning, August 31, Sophal was sharing about what was happening in Toronto. People fell to the floor before he ever had a chance to finish. In the evening, the same thing happened again. Then it began to rain, and there was a pagan temple on the mountain. The people were preparing to bring all of the idols to the pagan temple. Suddenly, people saw a ball of fire coming from the side, which caused the temple to move fifty meters, and the temple was destroyed. Five pagan monks testified about this. One monk said that he was clinging to his bed for the entire fifty meters, but he was not hurt. He felt happy, and he was rejoicing. The whole building was destroyed, but nobody was hurt. God destroyed the idols, but the people were left unharmed. This incident reportedly caused the people to take the message of the Christian Gospel very seriously.