John the pastor of the Airport Vineyard Church in Toronto then gave the sermon after a few personal testimonies. Shared about the river of God and Ezek. 47:1-... about the water coming from the temple first as a trickle then later as a mighty river which could not be forded. "God is pouring out is mercy to His people, not judgment. This stream will separate the Pharisees who cry out for judgment, but mercy triumphs over judgment. God's heart is a heart of mercy." Then John 7:37,38.

"Older Christians think that little bits of excitement come from time to time but that basically things don't change. But God changes things. Ordinary men with the Holy Spirit do marvelous things." He shared Biblical examples, such as David and Goliath, etc. "We are no match for a hardened world. And the churches are not so great either." John shared that before the renewal started here their church only average 5 salvations per year; afterwards it is now 5,000 per year. The Holy Spirit in power is the difference. "Its time power once again invades our churches, but it's not in power tricks. its working in our hearts and intimacy He desires for us. We didn't seek Him for His power, we sought Him for Himself."