This past Sunday a man who was hurt six years ago was healed. He had severe spinal injury in the neck which had resulted in four surgeries, and fusing the four bottom vertebrae in the neck. This made it physically impossible for him to look up at the ceiling or down at the floor. Neither could he move his neck to the left or right. He also had had seizures for the six years since the accident. He had been treated by the best neurosurgeons at Johns Hopkins. He had been told his damage was irreversible. He was taking pain medication for pain management. This pain had become worse and he was facing a fifth surgery. He had been a pastor in the area before this accident. He is very well known in the area.

Sunday night I was praying for him when he was healed. Sunday morning I woke up having a dream about seeing a spine. In the dream I could see vertebrae and disks. That morning I had a word of knowledge about pain in the left armpit. When I began praying for him I asked him if he had pain in the left armpit. He said that he had a lot of pain in that area. He also had tremors in his hands, as well as feeling pain and sometimes numbness in the fingers. When I began to pray for him I noticed first the trembling stopped in the hands. Then he told me the pain in his left arm stopped. I had been praying for over ten minutes before there was any noticeable effect upon his body. Then I began praying for his neck more specifically. First the pain in his head stopped. Then the grinding sound in his neck ended when he tried to move his head. Then he was able to move his head looking up at the ceiling, down at the floor, and left to right as much as I could. He was healed.

I was so surprised by this healing that along with his adult son and wife, I began to weep kneeling beside him.

It has been three days since his healing. I have kept in touch with him through others in the area. He still has no pain, and he is able to move his head in what should be physically impossible with four fused vertebrae.

"To God be the glory, great things he has done!" Let no one look at me as if by my power or godliness this man was healed. He was healed by faith in the name of Jesus. cf. Peter's explanation to the crowd after the man was healed at the gate beautiful.