On January 6, Randy and Fred of the Tabernacle Church went to Vero Beach, Florida, an hour's drive south of Melbourne, to speak on a Christian radio station. During the interview, the disc jockey fell under the power of the Spirit, and was rendered incapable of continuing the interview. Soon afterward, the general manager was also affected in the same way, so music was aired since "there was nobody to operate the station". In his January 20 post to the new- wine, Randy wrote, "Two weeks ago Friday I had a radio interview. During [the] interview a DJ fell out [under the power of the Spirit] in front of the station manager who was interviewing me. He shook violently. Other station employees fell out under the power. After we left the station kept on sharing [on the air] what was occurring live for hours. People were healed listening to the broadcast. Others came under conviction, drove to the station and gave their lives to God. Others were rededicated while listening. One man had to go home from work unable to continue driving his truck because the Spirit was so strong upon him."