In a testimony posted to the internet (the world wide web pages of Melbourne Florida Renewal Services and Youth Revolution International) dated February 25, Lisa wrote that, initially, she and her husband were very skeptical, but that after becoming involved in the revival in Melbourne, "many, many prayers that have been prayed for years, have come true over a period of a few weeks. Some are small things, like finally being able to pray at our large family dinners, unity within the family, less tension in the home. However, God is changing our hearts and has drastically changed our lives."

Colleen wrote, "Randy first ministered at the Tabernacle in Melbourne on Sunday, January 1, 1995. That morning he gave an altar call for hypocrites and I went forward. . . . I was slain in the spirit and lay on the carpet, unable to get up for maybe an hour. A couple of times, I sat up, only to fall back down under the anointing. As I lay there, I experienced a sensation of perfect peace and felt my body relaxing so much it felt like I was melting into the floor. . . . Eventually, I was able to get up, but remained very "drunk" in the spirit, almost unable to walk or talk. I felt like I was in a fog. When I drove home and prepared for bed, I discovered God had healed my back. I had had pain in my lower back for over a year, causing me to have difficulty turning over in bed finding a comfortable position, and even getting in and out of a chair. In the past, the spasms had been so intense at times that I had gone to a doctor and received muscle relaxers because I couldn't stand up straight or walk. Most recently, it had just been general discomfort of the nature described. This night, I felt totally relaxed and pain-free and enjoyed the best night's sleep in months. It has remained healed ever since."