I just got off the phone with Michael, who has recently been travelling in Russia as a missionary. He said that last year, at a meeting in Odessa in the Ukraine, 6,000 Jews came to the Lord in one night, and over a period of three evenings of meetings, 12,000 Jewish people became Christians. There was also a multitude of Ukrainians who came to the Lord. Jonathan, head of Hear O Israel ministries, was the one who was ministering there at a huge stadium, which was almost filled to capacity (20,000 people) every night. Also ministering there in smaller meetings was Jim of Metro Vineyard in Kansas City, where there were many of the manifestations we've seen associated with the Toronto Blessing, including Holy Laughter, falling under the power of God, and drunkenness in the Spirit.

Since that time, Michael, has seen some of these phenomena in other parts of the former Soviet Union, including Pavlovo in central Russia, where he was leading a group of young people in the sinners' prayer, and one started laughing, and soon many, or most of them were laughing under the influence of the Spirit.

Michael is planning to go to Budapest, Hungary, next year, where there are about 80,000 Jewish people. He has a real burden for the Jewish people, and he feels that now is the time that the Lord is removing the veil before their eyes with respect to the fact the Jesus is their Messiah.