Spirit moves in Bangkok Tailand

A group of humble, renewed pastors from Australia just came to Bangkok for a renewal conference. It was more low key than the June Conference, but very good.

Instead of 1200 we had 450, but it was a blessing for those who came. There weren't many from the large urban churches due to other major events and concerts scheduled, but numerous small groups from distant rural areas.

One pastor from a border area who came still had scars on his wrists where he had been tied up by some bandits on his way to a church service. They almost shot him as they stole his motorbike. His brother was affected by the Holy Spirit with a sense of being a warrior for the Lord, so that as he was driven home from the meetings, he would make slashing sword motions in the air whenever they passed a spirit house (which meant he was doing it continuously since they are in front of almost every single building here.)!

An evangelical missionary who works in the Karen tribe reported on a new spontaneous move of God that has brought people back to the church. In her testimony she explained she would ask them why they had stopped going to church and they would reply, "We don't get the point--its boring, and nothing actually happens."

Now the church is growing and lives are changing. She came to the conference to learn more about what the Holy Spirit is doing in the world so she can relate to whats happening in her remote corner, since it "looks" like the same renewal.

When they left, the visiting team decided more follow up was needed, so they phoned Austsalia and asked some more pastors to come with just one week's notice to one of the outlying towns. This is a fruit of renewal for the future in missions and evangelism--ready to drop everything and go when they hear the Lord says go.

When they got the fax about coming to Thailand one of the men's wives sort of fell off her chair (heard this 2nd hand) and had a vision of a fire ball hitting Thailand. Thats our fifth fire ball!! Five people have reported an almost identical vision within the past few months.