Someone asked that we relay miracles and outstanding happenings at the meetings here in Exeter, Ontario, Canada. Well, it is midnight and a girl who arrived in a wheelchair from Goderich just left pushing the wheelchair. She had been unable to walk more than a few steps and could not get closer than 1 to 1 1/2 feet from touching her toes with her hands. Tonight she touched her toes and walked all over the place. Of course it happened at almost midnight.

Dennis, the evangelist, is still praying for people as I type this. We have seen over 100 saved or rededicated to the Lord over the last three weeks. He is now going to be with us indefinitely. The church is altering a room to make an apartment in the church to save money on hotels. Services are every night at 7pm except Monday. This week (June 17) there are no services on Wednesday or Saturday. People have been coming from up to three hours away for the nightly services.

We praise God for all that He is doing. Exeter is a town of only 4300 so it is really unbelieveable that the drops of mercy would be poured out in this little place.