This word came today from Wycliffe co-workers in Papua New Guinea. Their report sounds more like the kind of thing that followed John Wesley and George Whitefield than anything I've heard of yet. Here it is:

The Spirit of God is movin' in Papua New Guinea! Thought I'd write and tell you about the latest that I'd heard before I forget it. It's Sun. night and this evening at "church", Peter (the speaker) and family, and national co-translator shared about the Barai New Testament dedication, etc. The co-translator, Simon, shared some neat stuff. After the dedication there was a 3 week long Bible study course, teaching the basic doctrines of the church- who God is and what He's like, what sin is, salvation thru Christ etc. The Holy Spirit fell on this group of 70+ (reps-village and church leaders- from all the different villages of this language group. Many were not believers and some were known to be immoral or into the spirits) They fell-some were thrown- to the ground, with cries of repentance, and shaking and whatnot--the presence of God was heavy duty. Everyone gave their lives to the Lord. Simon's father-in-law was one who healed people thru talking to the spirits. Now when sick people come to him, he tells them about the true God and prays for them. I believe Simon indicated they were healed (his English is sometimes hard to follow). Simon (has not been home much since the dedication) heard recently concerning one guy from his village who was in that first Bible study. He held another Bible study in his own village and invited 3 villages to participate and God showed up again--knocking everyone to the ground etc.