A few months ago there were several postings concerning Heaven's Gates and Hell's Flames. It played this week at a local church here in Ottawa. Our church's youth group attended Tuesday night. One of the youth leaders informed me that my 16-year-old daughter re-dedicated her life to Christ, and went forward all the way from the balcony to do so! God is indeed using that play to touch not just non-Cristians but also Christians! Praise God.

I have seen His hand on my daughter's life over the past year. A year ago she was struggling with her faith. In fact, she said she wasn't sure if she wanted to be a Christian anymore. She said she told God "just leave me alone for a while!" But she added -- "But He just won't go away." Praise God, that's faithfulness! He stuck with her even when she was telling Him to get lost!

Last February, Mark spoke at a series of renewal meetings in Ottawa. My daughter went only because her friends from the youth group were going (she said "Dad, that Vineyard stuff is *your* thing, not mine!) The place was so packed, I lost track of her. The only place she could find to sit was right up at the front in the choir pews. Midway through the service, she wound up on the floor, weeping. This was before any prayer ministry had taken place! Mark turned to her and told her "You're being given compassion for the lost!"

Let me point out how important this event is from my point of view. For a teenager who is "not into Vineyard" to manifest like that *in front of the entire church* means that there is NO way this can be explained as "suggestion." In fact, afterwards she said "I'm *sooooo* embarassed dad! Everyone could see me!" It's also fairly evident she wasn't "trying to look spiritual." In fact, that was the last thing on her mind at that point in time.

She continues to walk with the Lord. Like most kids, she has highs and lows, but she has *NOT* returned to that "just leave me alone" stuff. In fact, her response at Heavens Gates and Hells Flames clearly shows that God has His hand on her life and has no intention of leaving her alone. I can only praise God for His faithfulness.