I know he loves me - Delivered from life of drugs and crime

After twenty five years of drugs and crime I was sent to
prison for three years. I never knew anything but a life of crime.
My 2nd wife and I had never found the lord, but we went to prison together.

I just wanted to die we lost everything we had but we both unknowingly
to each other at the time found Jesus in prison. I started going to church
just to get out of my cell but soon became intrested in what I was learning
and I gave my life to Jesus. I prayed he would keep me from the only life I
knew, well he has I have been out for 26 months now and I have been blessed beyound
words. I have a very good job a wonderfull wife and have been drug free and very
much in love with Jesus. I know he loves me; he has blessed me and my
family with a loveing church. P.S. I come from a family of non
christians and now my whole family knows Jesus (THANK YOU JESUS)

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