The righteous cry, and the lord heareth,and delivereth them out of all their troubles

In the past I never liked to talk about me, but since I
trusted God completly that has changed. I have to tell you about where I
have been so I can tell you about the one person that I can't say enough
about. That would be the lord Jesus Christ my presious savior and best

When I was around the age of 8 years old I was being sexually
molested. The older I got the further away from him I got, so eventually
it stopped. I accepted Jesus into my life in 1981 and became active in my
church. I beleived everything would be okay,and it was for awhile until
I went in one direction and left Jesus standing with his arms opened
wide and tears running down his face.

I had feelings for the same sex and I thought it was because of my past.
Around the age of 17 I started hanging out with the gay croud, I felt like
I had found my place in life. Oh how wrong I was! For the last 18 years of my
life I have been gay. I could hear Jesus calling me back time after time, but I was
living life my way. My way brought nothing but alot of pain and tears. I had
no peace or joy at all. At one point I found myself on my knees in my
front yard holding a gun to my head praying to God to give me the
strength to pull the trigger. He gave me strenght alright, to get up and go on
with my life. As soon as he helped me I went right back to my old life
style not giving him the credit he deserved.

On October of last year I was on my way to work and out of nowhere a truck was sitting
still in the middle of the interstate . I hit it head on and then a van hit me.
I found myself laying face down in my floorboard hurting like never
before. I remember laying there screaming out to God help me please! I was
in a wheelchair for awhile and then a walker . I spent about 3 months on
cruches -- which seemed like forever. God was right there that day just
like all the other times I had called on him. He was holding me in his
arms. I should have died that day , I owe everything to him,
he is my savior. I could hear him saying Kim I love you, I am
right here just like always.

I have left my old life behind and given my life over to him completly.
I have never had such peace and joy in my life before. I thank God for his unconditional
love and for giving me a chance to tell others where I have been and where I would be without
the Lord Jesus Christ. I give my testimony to as many as I can . My prayer
is that God will use me to share his love and mercy with others.

TROUBLES. May God bless you always and forever!

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