Heís truly a loving God and a lover of my soul

God truly came into my life in May 2003, during the SARS
period. It was then that the actions of a friend changed my life forever.
I never got to know this friend well until we played basketball
together during May. He talked to me about God a lot. But the real
life-changing transformation came about when he told me about Godís gifts to
faithful believers. I was a backsliden ĎSunday Schoolí Christian then;
I always thought church was more about singing, playing and befriending
people than knowing God. I never really believed God exists. I needed a
sign or miracle to believe that God does exist. And it came when my
friend told me and showed me the gift of speaking in tongues. I was so
amazed by the phenomenon, which I never knew existed, and I saw it as
living proof of Godís existence. I was converted at that point and it was
the best time ever.

I was in my most dire and desperate phase of my life; I was feeling
depressed and disappointed with myself. Last but not the least, was my
greatest sin. I was bound deeply to lust and to lustful habits I just
couldnít break. I was hot-tempered and had a really evil nature. My
heart knew no love and my mind, body and soul were corrupted by my evil
desires, thoughts and acts. I had frequent quarrels with my family and I
even ran away from home to commit suicide the year before. But thanks to
God, I saw the beauty of life and didnít. But I never stopped
thinking about dying until God touched my life in May 2003.

And He hasnít stopped touching and transforming my life. Iíve
become a much better person and Iíve gained priceless gifts like wisdom,
faith and most importantly, love. Iíve broken all my bondages with
sin, especially lust. And God has also given me a Godly perspective
through the Holy Spirit and the Holy Bible. God has truly changed my life in
a way that no man can. Heís truly a loving God and a lover of my

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