It was a Sunday, I had went to church, and after church I
had went to my dads' house, but didn't stay long because I wanted to go
home, before we went home, we made a quick stop my husbands' uncles'
house, and as I sat there, I heard a small voice that said to me "put on
your seatbeat" and I questioned this voice, I wondered why should I
when we are so close to home....then again I heard the voice say, "put on
your seatbeat" and I questioned again and said to God, why, we're
almost home what can happend from here to home? I paid NO attention and
ignored the voice, and before my husband got back in the van I heard this
voice with authority "PUT ON YOUR SEATBEAT, NOW" I got scared, and
said Ok, I will, even though I know God will protect me and my family,
and I continued to fuss but I DID put on my seatbelt and made sure my
kids did too.....

It so happened that as soon as we left, this car came from out of no
where and hit us SO hard that our van rolled about 3 or 4 times, I
remembered as I sat in my seat, asking God to please forgive my sins, I
thought I was gonna die, I saw the street and the cars behind me, we finally
came to a stop by a poll, right in front of some nice people who came
out of their house to our rescue, I lost my mind, I didn't know what was
going on, and I got out of the car to go argue with this careless
driver as my husband was getting the kids out, when I finally came to, I
noticed my kids were fine my husband was fine I was nervous but also
fine,(praise God almighty) I heard God telling me "fear not, for I am with
you" the van was wrecked and my oldest only had about 3 to 5 steaches, I
saw God's powerful hand and his faithfulness, he will NEVER leave us
nor forsake us.....

Can you imagine what could had happened, if I decided NOT to listen to
the Holy Spirit? I had to add my testimony, I just finished reading someone's testimony
about hearing a voice going to the store before the bank....(God is
AWESOME) never doubt that small still voice, it's the Holy Spirit guiding

I pray to God almighty to open up the heavens and shower each and one
of you with his never ending love, and pour down his many blessings upon
all of you and your loved ones....

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