He is faithful and His word NEVER returns void

I became a Christian in 2000. I hit a brick wall, everything
I tried did not fill the hole that was within me. I had no idea all
that Jesus would do for me after I became a Christian. I had rules set out
for myself. No hanging out with Christians, just go to church on
Sundays, but after a few months God changed all that. The miracle of Jesus is
that you love him with all your heart and He will change you, even if
you don't think He will. I heard a voice in my head, "I am going to heal
your family"..I thought, 'yeah right'..that's impossible. They are so
unchangable. But again, the feeling was so strong that it was hard to

I had a great childhood, life was great & when I turned 10 (1986)
all things changed. My mom had a nervous breakdown & said demons were
in our house. Everything changed, my brother became suicidal, my mom was
a wreck in and out of hospital. My mom tried to kill her self. My
brother went to jail. My grandma helping us through this up and died
Me and my siblings turned into criminals for a short time. Alcohol
became our helper. My mom was diagnosed with Schizoprenia. Our home
became mayhem. I thought, how can this be, everything normal & then it was
as if one day literally it was all uprooted & taken from us. I knew at
this point Satan existed. You could feel evil everywhere. It was one
disaster after another for the next 15 yrs. It felt like our family was
cursed & I prayed to God (not knowing Jesus), please help my family.
Make us happy again. So this is it..My moment I have been waiting for.

In 2000 I asked God to show me why life isn't working for me. I found Jesus
though my neighbour. In 2001, my sister became a Christian, she started
changing a lot. God sent me my husband, he was athiest, and 6mths later
he too --a Christian. God reunited me with my mom's siblings we haven't
seen in 17yrs, they are all Christians. My mom wrote her father after
50yrs of hating him..He died shortly after. My twin brother, had
a dream of Jesus, he is now a Christian. My older brother who has
backslidden for 10yrs, he has now returned to church and is loving it, he
is going there with his girlfriend. My dad came to church with me for
the first time since the 60's. He believes in Jesus. My mom (since 15yrs
ago) is afraid of God, she believes he will make her go crazy. She said
she will go to church with my sister at Easter. Our family is changing
a lot. We are way happier. They say my mom isn't a schizophrenic
anymore. I believe God is healing big time!! It's unreal. You know, it seemed
impossible, but in was in my heart God is going to do this, hang on to
his word and His promises, He is faithful and His word NEVER returns
void. I received his promise and as crazy as it seemed, I prayed and
prayed. There were days were I thought, God--this isn't gonna work. God
said, hang on, be patient and keep praying. I believe this is just the
beginning, and a pretty good beginning (all in 3yrs). The best is
yet to come. Thank you Jesus!!!! Jesus is the way and the great life.
" ....I came so they can have REAL and ETERNAL life, more and a better
life than they ever dreamed of." (John 10:10)
--(more than I ever
dreamed of-it's true)!!

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