A very special assignment

One day I asked the Lord to send me on a special assignment.
I was travelling to on that morning and I kept on
praying and praising God as I travelled. The Lord Showed me that I was
too visit A man named Roger .. I knew he ran a gas station that
was on my route so I stopped and asked for him. The
man now running the station said that Roger had gone bankrupt and that
his wife had left him and the 3 young children and that he was now
living in a shack in the bush but he did not know where it was.

I continued on to and finished my business and started back
After about 60 miles I passed a bush road and God said That Roger
was down this Road. I started down and came to a house with no one
there and so continued along going deeper into the bush...suddenly as I
came over a hill ,there was Roger standing on the road. He was very
surprised to see me and asked what in the world was I doing there. I
told him that he was a man sought out by God and that The Lord had
sent me to see him. He was very surprised but confessed that he was
praying every day for God to help him.

The 3 young kids were playing in the yard very close to a deep well
that had the cover off and I said to Roger that he should put the
cover back on the well because it looked dangerous -- a kid would fall in.
He invited me in and said " I would offer you something to eat but I
only have a loaf of bread" Of corse I was very concerned for his desperate
situation and I could tell that Roger was mentally exhausted and at his
wits end. His young girl was only 2 yrs old and the oldest of 2 boys
was only 6. Living far from town in the middle of the bush, no job,
no money and the trauma of being left with the 3 kids after going
broke was certainly overwhelming for Roger. We prayed together and asked
God for his help. I left after encouraging Roger to come back to his
old home town Where I and others could more easily help him and the kids. I also
gave him some cash I had taken along.

After I got home That night Rogers brother called me and he was
very upset. He said he had just got off the phone with Roger and that he
had no idea how desperate a state Roger was in and that Roger told him
that he was preparing to kill his children in the water well and then
he was going to kill himself at the moment I drove up and found him. I
trembled as I thought how important it is to obey the voice of God and
how marvellous are his ways.

Roger ended up back in his old home town and raised his kids up in the
church. He became a man of God and continues to serve God some 20
years after Jesus found him deep in the bush ...oh how He cares for us...
His ear is not heavy that He can not hear and His
arm is not short that He can not save....If you are in trouble of any

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