You'll soon see it is worth it

For years I had tried to walk with Jesus Christ but failed because I
was worried as to how my friends and possibly some of my family would
take to the fact that I wanted to praise God seriously. At the weekends
when nobody was around I would try and worship God and read the Bible
knowing that nobody would be able to know. It is true that our
relationship with God is a personal one. But, brother and sisters you need your
peers to help and guide you too. Because I didn't have any peers who
knowingly knew the burning sensation I had in my heart to follow God I
found Christianity hard and time and time again fell back rather than
moving on. In a way you could say I was a luke warm Christian.

In 2005 I joined Hillsong Church and at the very first service decided
to dedicate my life properly to God. I cried through many services
after that and when I went to Summer Camp I felt God say to me that I need
to help others who are like me. He wants you to not be sahamed of his
name or scared of what peeople think. He loves you and has amazing plans
for you.

When I finally blossomed and it became clear who I was becoming, I lost
some friends but found out that if they couldn't accept me for who I
had become than they wasn't proper friends in the first place. Now I
have a balance of friends some Christian and some non Christian but they
all support me in saying that they see I love God and it is cool.

Getting to this stage in my life was hard, but you know what nothing is
hard with the Lord Jesus Christ. Don't pull back anymore friends from
wanting to follow him just think about the years you have wasted and how
many more you will waste whilst He, our loving Jesus so desperately is
calling you. Don't be afraid, like me you'll soon see it is worth it.

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