Redeemed and Cleansed - ex Hell Hill Boys gang member meets Jesus

Pete Vergara, a Minister of the Gospel. I have been discipling teens
about three years now. I was a gang member, drug addict and alcoholic
for over twenty eight years. I was born in 1963 and raised in New York
City; in the Projects of Lower East Side Manhattan. I was born to a drug
dealing father who later on died of an overdose in Alphabet City. At
one time this was one of the most drug and gang infested areas in Lower
Manhattan. I was selling and using drugs all my life, that's all I ever
knew. I never got past the ninth grade and was involved in a gang, the
Hell Hill Boys, for over fifteen years. All I knew was violence, death
and destruction. My family was in and out of jail for many years even
to this day I have a brother in prison serving 9 to 18 years.

There is one thing that I can say now, that I always felt protected. I
didn't know from who or what or even why; but I was. I was the only
member of the gang that never got in trouble with the law and because of
that I always said that I was lucky. The other members of the gang went
to prison for many years but I was always protected. I witnessed
murders, overdoses and many other things in my life, but was always "lucky."

At the age of 40 I was so tired of living that way; I just didn't care
anymore about myself or anyone else. I tried to stop using drugs many
times but always went back to it. I just couldn't do it on my own, and
one day I just had enough. I never could get out of that environment
until November 23rd, 2003. I went to Arizona for a week to visit some
family members that were Christians. I wasn't very happy about going
there either, because I never knew anything about God. I just knew I had
to get out of the neighborhood or I was going to die, just like my
father did. So I went to visit there and they asked me to go to a Church
with them. They worked with this Church for many years and so I went
with them because I wanted to try something new and I didn't want to
disrespect them in their home. So I went to the Church and said to myself,
"yeah ill just sit here and listen to these people out of respect for
my family." The worship team was singing at the altar, and I was so
touched by the powerful worship. I just started to cry like never
before, and then the Pastor, Bobby Torres started to preach. I forgot
what it was about but it really convicted me. Then the Holy Spirit just
hit me like a bat, and I fell to my knees. I just couldn't stop crying,
that very night I met Jesus Christ.

I was delivered of all my addictions, I had no desire to do anything
of my past ever again. I was redeemed and cleansed, I felt like I died
and literally was born again. I was finally healed from an addiction
that was so bad, that no doctor or drug counselor could have ever helped
me overcome. Jesus Christ healed me in one minute, from an addiction I
had for over twenty eight years. God is the doctor of all doctors, and
now I know why I always felt protected, because Jesus had a plan and
purpose for my life.

God spared me and had mercy on me. I have been all over the United
States sharing my testimony in many Churches. I also teach youngsters about
God in a Christian discipleship program in Phoenix. I ran a boys home
for over 16 month's. God has worked so fast in my life, and he has given
me an anointing to share my passion for God to other lost souls. The
Bible says to preach the Word to all the Nations and I have taken that to
heart. I now have a desire to share the Gospel all over the world. God
has taken me, a heathen man and transformed me into a believer and
teacher of the Gospel. I have become an assistant Director of a school of
ministry called Elijah Generation International with my Pastor and
Director Cecilia Torres. I also have a vision of being a missionary to the
Phillipines. I have visited the Philippines to share my testimony.

When I went there I was blessed to see how much they loved the Lord
there. The presence of the Lord was strong there; it was incredible. When
you go to another country and see the power of God, you begin to
realize how lucky you are to know Him. These people literally have nothing
but God and they are the happiest people you have ever seen. They are
rich in Christ and I now know what I want to do and what God has planned
for me. That is to become a missionary for Jesus Christ.

I have become a God Chaser and a Hell Hater; I have been blessed to
become an intercessory prayer warrior. I also have been gifted by the
Holy Spirit for speaking in tongues, evangelism and pastoring young
people. My Pastors Bobby and Ceci Torres have told me often times how much
of a blessing I have been to this ministry.

Elijah Generation International
1-800-847-6028 ext. 708

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