Reborn Gal

Hi everyone, I would like to share with you all that I have
been bless to be born again two years ago. Let me give you some insight
to my old life. When I was a teenager, I was hanging out with the wrong
kind of friends and I pick up bad vices like smoking , drinking, having
sexual relationships with various guys of all ages.

Later on, I even took drugs. My life wasa mess. Life got to the
point where I was feeling very hopeless and it had no meaning at all.
So much so that I even attempted suicide by trying to take big amounts
of panadol to die one night. All this time, God has been watching me
crying and weeping. His Sovereign hand was on me. I woke up the next day
and my body is fine!!! I realised at that moment that a miracle has
happened to me. God is real! He really existed! So from that night onwards I
tried to talk to Him every other night. Even writing dairies to connect
to Him. As each day past, my hunger to know Him more and more became very
strong. Therefore I decided to go to church every sunday. It was then
that my ex boyfriend who's a non christian decided to break off with
me. I was overwhelmed with pain and hurt. Somehow deep inside I was
filled with a hope that this might be a new beginning for me. I felt
whatever happened to me must be orchestrated by God. Maybe God has heard
my prayers and has decide to set me free from all these bondages and
burdens. All these times while overcoming all pains and hurts I receive
positive help from my current pastor and his wife, who is now my
mentor. They've taught me to turn away from my past and to look upon the Lord
always. Seeking Him whenever I am lost. Now, I'm just grateful to God
for everything that He has blessed me with. I have a great job working at
a kindergarten, my family and friends have forgiven me and accepted
me back with positive encouragement. My prayer for all girls are that
they will be encouraged when they read my testimony and remember that
they are not alone as God is always right next to them. Its a choice
whether they would like to invite God into their lives to help them. May
God's blessing be with all of you. Amen.

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