Putting God First -- A Restored Marriage

I am a born again believer of Jesus Christ.
I am a witness of a healing I recieved, I would like to share it with
all who will need it.

I was a young women who was greatly in love with my new
husband. Only after about a year or so of marriage my husband grew jealous
and he ended up being caught up in it and soon leaving me and our 3 month
old baby. I was rescued from my rejection and pain when my
sister invited me to church. I went and kept going and putting my broken
heart in the Lord's hands. The lord let me know that I am to put him
first, then others. I would pray that God would bring my husband back
to me. In about six months my husband surprisingly returned, not sure if
I would even take him back after infedelity. God gave me forgiveness
of my sins, what was I to not forgive my husband of his. I made it clear I
wasnt going to stop going to church and that God will be first. My
husband was fine with that. My husband came to church and soon got saved.
We now have 6 kids and been happily married every since. Sure we had
some rough times but together with God we made it through everything
May God give you hope for your marriage. Just like he did for
me. Prayer does change things.

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