When the going gets tough we leave him, but he still stays!

The Lord has done so much for me over the past few years and has
blessed me with his unconditional love. I LOVE MY LORD JESUS soo sooo SOo
MUCH! In the past i suffered all kinds of problems like depression,
racism, failure, low social skills. All these problems has caused me to
backslide from God and invite myself into the terrible culture of the world.
I began to take up smoking because I wanted to get closer to the cool
people in my school, i took drugs and got drunk with alcohol in
countless amounts of parties. I even violated one of the christian rules, i got
a tattoo with 5 of my friends and till this day I still regret with all
of my heart and wished I never did it! vulgarities started to become a
daily habit in my vocabulary and i started to produce this image of
myself which made people see me as a person who was hot tempered,
flirtatous and havock! I still remember my church always inviting me to come to
church and attend their cell but I always refused because i was
too caught up with my studies and I feared my friends will condemn me
and ditch me if i went to church. I had so many girl probelms in the
next 2 years which caused me to become anti-social because i was always
so quiet and didn't want to talk to anyone as a result i subjected
myself to alcohol, i would drink the night away in my room, sometimes I
would steal my Dad's vodka or jim beam from his collection and I'll end up
calling girls and the next day I'll be caught in a trough where i have
to find away to ditch them. My life was slowly falling into the slumps,
my parents were always quarelling and my friends was slowly fading, my
girlfriend and me didin't talk much and I was stuck in this dillema of
going out with her best friend. I came to a point where i was lost and
so alone I wanted to cry but i held the pain inside and it hurt so bad
that i thought of cutting myself but I know for myself I would never do
that. In my heart i was thinking should I open my heart to Jesus
? Months passed and i returned to Singapore for national service. i
stayed with my Aunty and she took great care of me. I had two cousins
too. At first i was so isolated to my laptop and did'nt want to go out,
till one day they brought me to church and i started attending church on
sunday and cell on friday. I made numerous friends, they were my
christian brothers and sisters and they were there for me when i cried out. I
chose to take a bold step forward to become part of Jesus's Kingdom
once again! After 4 years of backsliding from God I've learnt something so
precious is that God will never foresake you and he will always be
there for you when the going gets tough! Even during the time when i was
suffering and felt i had no one, he was there by my side but i just
couldn't see it. I'm now serving in the worship ministry in my church and
I'm FULLY LOADED to go for a coming mission trip soon!! HALLELUJAH!

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